Hey yo, I’m Carlos

I’m a 28-year-old neurodivergent fellow doing my own thing and sharing my passion for things that I enjoy.

What is this page for?

Fair question. Blogs are old-fashioned, but they still have their purpose of being a place for individuals to share their outlook on everything. To inform. It also serves to misinform, but not on a larger scale, as social media can do.

In my view, social media has become the anti-pattern of information, where it shows the drawbacks of its abundance and dubious quality. Content is supposed to be consumed just like food, with slow and steady bites, while choosing the healthiest option.

Also, it can affect our ability to sit down and comprehend by altering our thinking and reflection towards things. As content goes by so fast nowadays, we don’t have time to STOP and reflect on what we watched. It hinders our ability to learn and process things in our way.

For everything that we create, for better and for worse, we shrug and throw our hands in the air, justifying the usage of a tool in the hands/eyes of the beholder. For me, the computer is a tool. The internet is a tool. No tool can use me, my attention, or time: they’re not for sale.

I found MY solution: by leaving these spaces and taking charge of finding my own that isn’t as noisy, and taking things slowly as they should be.

TL;DR: The social media bullshit is over for me. This blog is my space.

How can I get in touch?

This is my GH profile. If you wish, feel free to reach me at here. I’m on Linkedin too, for professional purposes.