Senior Software Engineer
2023-03-25 - On-going
Amberdata Inc. Crypto data infrastructure company
Miami, FL, US (Remote)

I’m working under the Blockchain Data team.

  • REST API maintenance in blockchain’s domain endpoints while decommissioning some parts of legacy code and developing new others
  • I contributed to the blockchain’s pipeline development not only by adding new pipelines or features but also by adding automated tests, decommissioning, and refactoring code to reduce technical debt and increase maintainability
  • I rebuilt crawlers to fetch blockchain data across the web for multiple chains, with means to fix outstanding issues while increasing performance and maintainability. Additional features like proxying + exponential backoff were implemented to avoid blocklisting
  • I built ETL programs to move data from structured databases to object storage with minimal resource usage, while inserting GBs worth of data in minutes
  • EVM data pipelines implementation using Substreams with Rust and Go, consuming TBs of data in a matter of hours while keeping the resource usage to a minimum
  • I customized open souce software to fit the needs of our company, such as creating forks to add new features or fix bugs that don’t need upstream intervention. Notable examples are: Ethereum ABI decoding project to support lower Node versions, and Substreams file sink project to support binary file writing in Apache Parquet format and proper upload to cloud object storage
Software Engineer and Lead Infrastructure Engineer
2022-12-01 - 2023-03-01
LibLab Company focused on SDK API autogeneration
Austin, TX, US (Remote)

I worked in a contract as a software engineer for the service team, but mainly worked as a lead infrastructure engineer cross-organization.

  • I set up engineering documentation for infrastructure
  • I made the architectural planning and execution for cloud infrastructure across the organization, from environments to services, so that applications and services perform well and developers can be productive in this environment
  • I made the architecture planning across applications that use the organization’s cloud infrastructure, setting up high standards to achieve scalability and reduce technical debt
  • I made some Continuous Integration improvements by adding processes to achieve better code quality and setting a high bar on application and infrastructure code development, improving code quality by 40% with fewer reviews and developer comments
  • I implemented Continuous Deployment processes by setting up fast-moving pipelines that communicate with cloud resources so applications are always deployed and available for developers and customers. It improved developer productivity by 63%, decreasing infrastructure costs since no manual deployment intervention is required
  • Active contributor in back-end and infrastructure projects, with more than 80% accuracy on delivery estimates
  • I mentored software engineers on hard and soft skills to give them room to grow in the company and their careers


Computer Science (Bachelor)
2014-02-01 - 2018-12-01


  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • ...


  • Back-end Engineering (Proficient)

    Python, Go, Rust, C++, Scala, ...

  • DevOps Engineering (Proficient)

    AWS, Microsoft Azure, Linux, Bash, Terraform, AWS CDK, GitOps, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Concourse CI, GitHub Actions, HashiCorp Consul, Fluentd, ELK stack, Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, ...

  • Data Engineering (Proficient)

    Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, OracleDB, MySQL, Cassandra, GCP Big Query, Snowflake, Databricks, Apache Parquet, AWS S3, Stream processing, ...


  • English — Bilingual Proficiency - Advanced C2
  • Portuguese — Mother tongue


  • Computing — System Programming, System Administration, Data Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence
  • Aviation — VFR flights, Single engine aircrafts
  • Gaming — FPS, Motorsports, Strategy, Console gaming, PC gaming
  • Unresponsive Yoyoing - 1A — Yoyojam, Yoyofriends


I managed Carlos on a substantial cloud architecture/DevOps project, and his passion and outstanding initiative consistently impressed me. Carlos's dedication to optimizing our workflow and automating processes greatly contributed to the velocity of our dev teams. His expertise in cloud technologies (especially AWS) and commitment to continuous improvement make him an invaluable asset to any team. I would gladly work with Carlos again.

— Zachary Keeton - Engineering Manager @ LibLab

Working with Carlos was a great experience, he didn't just show great velocity when it comes to delivering quality, but he is always keen on jumping on new architectural challenges, or understanding new technologies. One prime example of this behavior was, when he took the initiative to decide on which could base database engine to use for one of our projects, did the required research for different possibilities, then implemented the database engine as required in Golang.

— Péter Turi - Team Lead @ Alpaca

I have been working with Carlos at Alpaca, where he was part of the API team, engineering high throughput software services written on Golang, deployed in Kubernetes runtime. Carlos is a productive engineer who can proactively contribute to the team's work. I'd happily recommend!

— Márton Waszlavik - VP of Infrastructure Engineering @ Alpaca

Carlos was a software engineer at Alpaca, and his skills and knowledge were unparalleled. Along with that, however, he brought an energy and dependability that made him crucial to part of our team. He is a a reliable and highly capable engineer, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

— Jackson To - Software Engineer @ Alpaca