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Memory and debugging in Go

Context# Computer science is one of the study fields of which entry level is relatively easier due to our developed need for computers in our daily lives, ranging from PCs, tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and IoT devices. I mean, literally anyone can hop in a computer and start messing around with it. One of the proofs that we have about that is the growing tendency of folks becoming software developers. It’s no doubt that people are becoming more literate with technology.
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Running GHA workflows locally with Act

Context# Act is a local runner for GitHub Actions workflows. It works with the Docker containerization engine to create containers as local runners for your workflows. It’s a good productivity tool for testing your CI/CD pipelines because instead of creating another git branch, pushing it to the repository, and trying to execute it using the dreaded workflow_dispatch trigger, you can simply run it in your CLI! The main problem of the manual execution approach is due to pushing multiple commits to the remote repository.
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Create a GPG key on macOS and Linux

Context# GPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard, which implements the OpenPGP’s specification (RFC 4880) and is a free software implementation of Symantec’s PGP cryptographic software suite. What’s used for?# We use it to encrypt and sign data to attest its authenticity. For example, we use it to sign our commits while using a VCS like git, or sign e-mails. So we’re making it clear that we, in fact, did write the said commit, or the e-mail.
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